New build houses & extension

Here is the extra space you had been dreaming about all this time!
If you want to extend your house, the best choice is an extension which automatically increases the value of the building. Zekon provides long lasting foundations with all safety measures, according to the high-quality standards. An extension means also time-saving and it is both financial and emotional more efficient than house moving. It’s time to make the big move and give yourself a brand new life. The life that you always dreamed on it. Act now!

Loft Conversions

Want some extra rooms? “Raise” your house!
We can completely transform your roof into a beautiful and coquettish mansard, perfect for living in and watching the rain falling.

So what do we do? We build and isolate the interior, we connect radiators and we can also put hardwood or even a beautiful chandelier. Here is how your old attic can be turned into your favorite place in your house.



There’s a lot more space in the same perimeter!
If you do not want to build an extension, we can convert the rooms into larger ones. If you get bored of your kitchen which always seems to be too small, we can create a large open space for living. You do not want to demolish anything? We can build new walls to make modern wardrobes with lights, shelves, coat hangers and beautiful doors. You will definitely have more space by giving up on your old closets and you will gain a new minimalist style which will highlight your home.


We have learned from experience that the customers want nice looking quality materials, in order to be sure that they feel at ease after making an investment in their homes. We have the means and the expertise of a well-trained and competent team to help them achieve this goal, by using contemporary design and innovation which can set aside every space: dry lining (plasterboard), tiling, making good, painting, decorating, joinery, carpeting, plumbing, kitchen & bathroom (refurbishment & fit), maintenance work, technical advice